The aim of this guide is to provide adult educators with the information and materials necessary to conduct a training on the mental health problems and challenges which first responders in disaster management (FRDM) face in pursuit and as a result of their professional occupation. In particular, the training aims to raise awareness about the issue, equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize a mental health complication, provide information on how communities, policies and individual people can prevent and treat these mental health complications. Hence, the name of the course: awareness, recognition, prevention and treatment.

One should begin the session with a question about the participants’ expectations about this module. Ask them to present themselves and share one thing they would like to see discussed in this course. This will serve as an icebreaker and provide a more engaging environment.


Learning outcomes of the session

The participants will understand better the importance of protecting the mental health of FRDM and how to address it in a preventative manner. They will be able to share and teach the knowledge gained in this session.