The partners on the project have produced a report comparing the different training needs in each of the different countries. The report refers specifically to what teachers/trainers need to consider when developing and delivering training to first responders – this includes those in the emergency services, and those who have a first response role, such as in an educational centre or the local community.

Please click here to read this report.

This is a comprehensive document that provides guidance for all the partners on this project on how to develop their individual training programmes. These individual training programmes were be tested at online training events attended by all partners in November 2021.

Please click here to read this document.

One of the main aims of this project is to develop a ‘Train the Trainers Toolkit’. This will be for anyone outside of this project who wishes to use the materials to learn more about trauma awareness, and increasing their preparedness for responses to any traumatic event.  

This toolkit consists of 6 modules that can be delivered online or offline. The modules can be access here

The toolkit also contains a series of recorded webinars – these were developed by the partnership in response to the Covid-19 pandemic to enable people to continue to learn from the project, despite the restrictions. The webinars can be accessed here.

5 newsletters were published during the lifetime of the project. The aim of the newsletters was to support the dissemination of project information to a wider group of stakeholders across all 5 partners countries. All newsletters can be downloaded below: 

Newsletter 1 – December 2019

Newsletter 2 – August 2020

Newsletter 3 – March 2021

Newsletter 4 – September 2021

Newsletter 5 – March 2022