Family of first responders

The Families of First Responders

First responders have two families including the traditional family and the professional family. Both families are part of their life and impact their response to their career.

The Traditional Family includes spouses and significant others, parents, siblings, children, and extended family and friends. The health and safety of family members are additional stressors.

Nowadays, we can see an example of such impact on health staff working in first contact with COVID-19 who can’t even go home after long shifts and have to sleep in hotels, caravans or any other accommodation away from their families to protect them.


The Professional Family

These professionals have to spend many hours together due to the nature of their job (travel together, spend long shifts together, etc.)

Because of the co-existence required of the job, these professional families not only protect the community, but each other; therefore, when there are line of duty deaths or injuries, the entire family is impacted.