The partners on the project have produced a report comparing the different training needs in each of the different countries. The report refers specifically to what teachers/trainers need to consider when developing and delivering training to first responders – this includes those in the emergency services, and those who have a first response role, such as in an educational centre or the local community.

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This is a comprehensive document that provides guidance for all the partners on this project on how to develop their individual training programmes. These individual training programmes will be tested at a 5 day training event in Plymouth, UK in 2021.

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One of the main aims of this project is to develop a ‘Train the Trainers Toolkit. This will be for anyone outside of this project who wishes to use the materials to learn more about trauma awareness, emotional self – regulation, and preparedness for responses to any traumatic event.  

The partners have agreed that this toolkit must be flexible in that is can be delivered through a mix of e-learning and/or classroom delivery. E-learning is even more important now due to the impact of Covid.  This toolkit will be available for download in October 2021.


During this project, partners will deliver 12 workshops in total. These are available below.

1) Helping those who help us

Useful Information

There is a lot of really good information available on trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and interventions. We have compiled a list of the following useful websites and resources to help further your learning:

 In this free webinar, former paramedic, law enforcement trainer and resilience expert Mike Taigman will explain how stress affects first responders and provide strategies you can use to manage during the long haul of this pandemic. 

More information here

This webinar on trauma informed practice in post Covid-19 recovery is provided by South East Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Autism (MHLDA) Cell and the University of Oxford and is being made available to system leaders across the NHS South East region.

More information here

The leading mental health charity in the UK. This organisation has lots of helpful information on trauma, and it is easy to read and understand. 

More information here

The UK National Health Service provides detailed information on PTSD, what it is, how to recognise it, how to get support etc.

More information here

 Due to the daily stressors and increased mental health concerns first responders face, building resilience is of paramount importance. In this engaging and informative webinar, Rick Campos—a veteran firefighter, paramedic, and educator who served in the US Air Force and as an officer for a Federal Fire Department—discusses a holistic approach to helping first responders and leaders build resilience, effectively communicate, and create safe spaces for personnel to honestly voice their struggles.

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Accordion Content

These free webinars offer guidance from mental health experts, share findings from recent studies and provide practical resources and tools to foster healthier and safer working environments.

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