Self Care & Ending Assistance

Self Care & Ending Assistance

Helping responsibly also means taking care of your own health and wellbeing.

As, you may be affected by what you experience in a crisis situation, or you or your family may be directly affected by the event, it is important to pay extra attention to your own wellbeing and be sure that you are physically and emotionally able to help others. Take care of yourself so that you can best care for others. If working in a team, be aware of the wellbeing of your colleagues also.

Ending Assistance

When and how you stop providing help will depend on the context of the crisis, your role and situation, and the needs of the people you are helping. Use your best judgment of the situation, the person’s needs and your own needs. If appropriate, explain to the person that you are leaving, and if someone else will be helping them from that point on, try and introduce them to that person.

If you have linked the person with other services, let them know what to expect and be sure they have the details to follow up. No matter what your experience has been with the person, you can say goodbye in a positive way by wishing them well.


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