DEFUSING intervention technique introduced by Mitchell. It is an informal semi-structured session, not very organized but immediate.
  • The stressful event is analysed as soon as possible or within the first 24 hours
  • The intervention usually lasts from 20 minutes to 1 our.
  • The objective is to inform (event, actions taken, stress…) and to make a balance to reinforce the capacities and social support, as well as to minimize the negative reactions.
  • It is considered a self-care technique not indicated for routine events.
  • It is not psychological therapy, nor is it indiscriminate emotional ventilation.
  • It is an informal meeting, a protocol of deactivation and a technique of immediate application, as well as a shared story, and a preventive approach.


This technique takes place in a mutually supportive environment where each participant expresses his or her emotions about the process. Problem solving strategies are developed in a positive and supportive atmosphere for the rest of the team members.