Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Learn about the crisis event. Learn about available services and supports. Learn about safety and security concerns.

Crisis situations can be chaotic and often need urgent action. However, wherever possible before entering a crisis site, try to get accurate information about the situation. Consider the following questions:

  • What happened? When and where did it take place? Who was affected ?

Available services and supports

  • Who is providing for basic needs like emergency medical care, food, water, housing or contacting family?
  • Where and how can people access those services?
  • Who else is helping?

Are community members involved in responding?

  • Safety and security concerns – Is the crisis event over or continuing eg a pandemic
  • What dangers may be in the environment, such as damaged infrastructure?
  • Are there areas to avoid entering because they are not secure(for example, obvious physical dangers) or because you are not allowed to be there?