Advice to traumatised individuals

Early response:

These reactions are normal, understandable and will usually reduce over time.

What you may do to help:

  • Take each day at a time.
  • Make use of the supports around you – maintain contact with family, friends, social or work groups. You may find it helpful to seek other support such as voluntary agencies including the Samaritans.
  • Express your reactions in the way you feel most comfortable.



  • Look after your physical health – eat well, exercise regularly and try to get sufficient sleep. 
  • Smoking, alcohol and illicit drugs are likely to make these reactions worse. Avoid sedatives or tranquillisers (sleeping pills).
  • Avoid excessive exposure to any related media coverage.
  • Return to your usual routine as soon as possible.
  • Consider trying relaxation exercises or mindfulness.
  • Be more careful than usual – poor concentration may increase risk of accidents at this time.



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